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Our featured show, adventure series American Exile, is on its second season as a short-form episodic series. GCW will produce the follow up feature film JOA after American Exile finishes its second season this year. GCW also hosts lifestyle vlogs and series including Travel, Love, Film. In 2020, series of online vlogs and shows featuring the lives of dynamic filmmaking couple Merri and Perry will be released.


When Merri and Perry Met…it was Love Long Awaited.


A New Day, They Created A New Reality…

Merri Christi Pemberton Filmmaker-Writer-Actress

Merri Christi didn’t wait for permission to see women who looked like her in Adventure or sci-fi films. She did not wait to be cast as such. She decided to create a new reality.

Merri writes and produces films and shows that open doors for more women and minorities to explore groundbreaking and non-stereotypical roles. She listened to viewers and consumers on social media and YouTube. They demanded to see quality storylines with relatable characters and diversity for on-demand viewing.

As founder of GCW Media Group, she created a film division to house all short and feature-length shows. Many will be for on-demand consumption, but some will be for theatrical screening. GCW is a digital media entity that serves the needs of today and tomorrow’s online viewers. As a filmmaker who creates digital content, Merri uses mobile devices to shoot and edit her short-form projects. She will likely experiment shooting a feature on mobile in the not-so-distant future.

Merri Christi came from the museum and education profession with a performing arts background. Her work as museum curator and history as a young artifact researcher prepared her to portray endangered archaeologist Morgan Bannister in the adventure series American Exile. Her performing arts background included over 20 years of dance, youth theatre, music production, and video production. She produced and performed some of the tracks for American Exile and upcoming feature JOA. Her first album DEBUT was release date in 2011 followed by song song Take 1 Chance in 2013. As a published author of DAMASCUS CODE, the origin story of American Exile and JOA, she creates a universe of connected stories for years of entertainment and empowerment for generations to come.


Perry Miguel D’Marco Actor-Writer

Veteran actor Perry D’Marco (General Hospital, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Melrose Place) has 30 years in the film and television industry. It began on the iconic show Hill Street Blues. He is also known for roles in Malcolm In The Middle, Melrose Place, and Baywatch. His work on Jimmy Kimmel Live! exposes the audience to D’Marco’s comedic talent.

D’Marco is branching out into writing teleplays, which open new opportunities for Latino actors and Latina actresses to portray diverse and non-stereotypical roles. These are often family-oriented stories and celebrate our cultural richness. His role in American Exile, and its follow-up feature film JOA, is an uncommon role for Mexican-American actors. American Exile and JOA creator, and lead actress, Merri Christi Pemberton saw D’Marco as the perfect fit and the right person to help open more doors for Latino and Latina talent in similar roles. 

Today he finds greater satisfaction and artistic expression in independent films. He stated, “I am excited to play Francisco Magellan because, although he is Latino, he is not a stereotype. It is great to play someone well-traveled and educated with many layers to him.”